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 Short (Small) Go Kit -

The minimum personal equipment required to support a basic ARES/RACES deployment for up to eight hours

* 2M HT capable of at least 5W output on batteries
* AA battery pack for HT
* Decent rubber duckie antenna
* Batteries, HT rechargeable
* Batteries, AA (may be a mix of alkaline and NiMH)
* Earphone/Headphone//Headset (so you can hear the radio)
* Pencil and Paper
* Water
* Manual for HT
* HT Charger
* NiMH charger (if carrying NiMH AA cells)
* Flashlight
* Ham license
* List of local repeater frequencies
* Bag to hold contents (cheap back-pack from Wally World works well)
* Repair kit
* Pocket knife
* Wire ties
* Duck tape
* Personal Meds
* Reflective Safety Vest
* Glow Sticks

Medium Go Kit -

Additional equipment for a deployment of up to 48 hours 

* Higher gain 2M antenna (e.g., roll-up J-Pole and/or small mag-mount)
* 25 Watt (or higher) 2M Mobile Radio
* Power Supply (for above radio)

Long (Large) Go Kit

Additional equipment for a deployment longer than 48 hours

* HF Radio
* NVIS Antenna


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