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Prologue for opening a Net:

CQ CQ CQ. This is (your call sign), net control for the Rensselaer County ARES/RACES Net.  The purpose of this net is to provide information and training to the RACES and ARES members.  Third party traffic will be passed upon request.  All stations wishing to participate in this net should call net control at this time, OVER.

Order of Net Business:

  1. Take check-ins.

  2. Appoint Assistant NCS.

  3. List current check-ins for Assistant NCS.

  4. Route/Pass listed traffic.

  5. Ask for/pass RACES Training message.

Reports from:

  • Radio Officer, KC2FCR

  • Assistant Radio Officer, W02H - KB2HWL

  • EC from Rensselaer County, KC2FCR

  • Other Officers on frequency: WB2LXC - KL7TJZ

  • Special events reports (if any)

  • Informals

  • Call for late/additional check-ins at the proper intervals.

Epilogue for closing the Net:

This is (your call sign), Net Control for the Rensselaer County ARES/RACES Net.  This net meets the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM local time.  This net is secure at ---- minutes past the hour.  (Your Call Sign) is now clear and returns the repeaters to general amateur use.  OUT.

Stations serving as net control will submit a report to KL7TJZ for inclusion in the monthly statistics.

This report will contain:

  1. Date and time of the net.

  2. Call sign of Net Control.

  3. Call signs of all stations checking in.

  4. Number of pieces of third party traffic passed.

  5. Any other information relating to this particular net which should be kept for the record.

Revised 8/6/2013

Tom Stewart, KC2FCR
Cheif Radio Officer, Rensselaer County RACES
Emergency Coordinator, Rensselaer County ARES


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